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Over 50 decades since Gian Franco first laid eyes on the Costalegre, his legacy thrives in the territory he created. In the majestic jungle still inaccessible due to its rivers, extensive jungles, and lack of roads, Gian Franco imagined a one-of-a-kind territory where nature is sacred, art is exalted, and people live with unbridled freedom.

Gianfranco’s passion was the catalyst for the tangible manifestation of Careyes in all its vibrant glory. Now, Careyes is the unprecedented destination he dreamed of on that famed  flight over the Pacific coast and a safe haven for all who enter it, from the carey turtle to the colorful humans. 

Meet Gian Franco Brignone

the founder

From a                      founder and framer of natural landscapes to a                  that lives on for generations       



Our Story

Discover how one enigmatic family’s experiment in artful living has created a timeless escape.

Gianfranco’s flight over the Pacific Coast and the purchase of the territory, 2th July.

Mi Ojo becomes the first home built. Rincón is built in the same year.

Development of the dream begins.



From the beginning



The Turtle Preservation Program (Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Center) is established by biologist Alejandro Peña and his biology colleagues.

The first celebration of the annual Chinese New Year Festival, 9 February.

The Careyes Seat Hotel development begins.




Phase 1 construction of the Casitas de las Flores begins.


Inauguration of the Polo Fields.

Sol de Oriente and Sol de Occidente are built. 

Caballeros del Sol first ceremony.

Castle Tigre the Mar is built.




Hotel Careyes remodeling and inauguration.


La Copa del Sol and Pyramideon construction and inauguration.

First Edition of Arte Careyes Festival.

Inauguration of the Arte Careyes Gallery.

Opening of the territory clinic, La Clinica. 
First edition of Copa Agua Alta. 

 First New Year’s Eve celebration in Tigre del Mar




Gian Franco Brignone is honored with Mexico's highest award, the Aguila Azteca, for his role in advancing tourism along the Jalisco coast, September.


First Edition of Ondalinda Festival.

Inauguration of the new Careyes Clinic.

The Careyes Foundation is founded, uniting over three decades of philanthropic work by Careyes' owners to assist communities along Mexico's southern Pacific coast.




El Careyes Club and Residences remodeling and inauguration.


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The future of Careyes

With deep respect for our heritage and the evolution that has brought us here, Gianfranco’s successors - Emanuela, Filippo, and Giorgio Brignone alongside our development partners, keep the Careyes spirit alive.  As the custodians of Careyes, we safeguard this extraordinary territory and nurture the unique ambiance cultivated by our founder, emphasizing the ethos of sustainable growth within our protected natural reserve.

the legacy

the brignone family

"People come here to connect, whether that be with nature or the growing community of visionaries transforming this coastal stretch into one of Mexico’s most fascinating art havens".

"This is precisely the kind of place you have to see to believe. Careyes is equal parts private retreat, luxury resort, architectural marvel, and creative community".

"This abundance of raw, wild nature is not a coincidence. Unlike other destinations in Mexico, Costalegre has remained protected and purposefully low-impact for decades".

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